Pantomime Animation


This is the animation piece I created for my animation class. The story shows a “tough” guy looking at a photo of his long lost love and breaking down and crying. The animation went through several different stages that involved me filming myself as well as searching on the internet for references.

Once the references were set up and the idea was strong in my head, I began to block out the poses. I found it difficult to create emotion in a piece that required subtle movement throughout the body. I didn’t want to block out the face as I wanted to save that to the polishing stage as I knew that it would the most difficult part of the animation.

In the polishing stage, I made the movements even more subtle to really sell the believability of the animation. I made the character’s body move around less vigorously and broke up parts of the body so that they would overlap and move more fluent and not appear unnatural. I finished with the face as this was what gave the pantomime life. I added in eye darts, lip quivering and several blinks to show emotion through the face. It does need tweaking in some places here and there but over all I am very happy with the end result.


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