Script Overview – Animation Transfer


The script I am looked to create was one that deals with animation. The script allows one animated object’s keys to be transferred to another unanimated object. This will only work with basic objects. Nothing too complex. This is a simple script as mel scripting is not my strongest aspect of 3D. The main reason I chose something like this was to develop my understanding of animation from a scripting point of view and to allow the user to quickly transfer an entire animation from one object to another with ease. The copy and paste attribute in Maya exists, however it is only possible only with individual channels. My script however will take into account all the channels of an animated object and transfer them to an unanimated object. This allows my script to make it possible to move keys from a source to a target quickly an easily. This script works well on a basic level as it can work with any simple shapes or objects. This means it can be used to animate a number of different objects and be highly effective. The window will allow the user to select an animated object then its target object and transfer all its animated attributes and keys through its channel box. The window will consist of only three buttons. A select source button, which will select the source/animated object. A select target button, which will select the target/unanimated object and a copy, which will transfer all the keys from the source object to the target object.


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