Dynamics – Week 1


For homework for our first week on Dynamics we had to create a chair out of particles and make it blow off screen. I started by creating the particles so they emit from the geometry, which was the chair. This was done using the emit from object tool. I set the rate of the emitter to 10000 and keyed it at frame 1, so that it would appear solid at first. At frame 40, I keyed the rate again but at 1000 and again at frame 80 at 100. Finally, at frame 120 it was keyed at zero so the particles would eventually disappear.

Next, conserve was placed from 1 down to 0.9 so that the particles acted in a more realistic manner. The inherent factor was placed up to 1. The lifespan mode was set to random range between 1 and 2. Colour was then placed onto the particles using the particle colour and texture rate as well as having colour dynamic attributes added.

Finally, an air field was added to allow the particles to be blown away in a realistic way. Its magnitude was set to 4 with an attenuation of 1. Its directions in the x an y axis were set to 0.5 and the z axis was set to -1. The combination of all the actions allowed the chair particles to be blown away in a way that I was pleased with.



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