Pipeline and Trouble Shooting – Fruit Bowl Project


There were several problems and trouble shoots that occurred with this assessment. Working from my computer at home caused several problems. Towards the end, it would take up to an hour and a half to do a single render. I attempted to solve time issues by temporarily turning off GI and Final Gathering when I was performing test renders (which were done at 640×360). 

With the final resolutions of the render were done at 1280×720 as required. Some issues that occurred during the texturing of the objects were transferring the basket into mudbux. There were some deformation issues that I could not resolve and therefore could not actually properly texture them as required in the brief.

Other things like caustics, GI, Final Gathering and depth of field worked superbly and really brought the scene to life. The way the light bounced and illuminated the scene allowed the scene to appear beautiful and above all else, look realistic. The only issue I had with DOF was that it slowed down then rendering incredibly and was an actual issue with time. and only really looked right in one of the four of my scenes.

Over all, there were a few issues that could not be resolved, but they were mainly minor things.


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