Fruit Bowl Project


The first stage of my fruit bowl was to setup a lighting source that reflected a natural light source. Creating a physical sun and sky through the render settings did this. I then placed the sun direction so that it was facing through the window. A portal light was created and placed just within the window frame.


I found that the mia x material that I had assigned to everything within the scene was far too reflective so for the time being I brought it down. I then went about creating the caustics for the glass. Assigning glass and water materials to the glass and water objects within the scene achieved this. A camera was then placed in front of the portal light and pointed at the glass object. Caustic values were input to determine the look of this light.


So far I am very happy with the caustics within the scene. However, the scene’s shadows need to be crisper and not grainy. I hope to deal with this issue within the next stage of the fruit bowl project.

In the second stage, I fixed my shadows and am happy with how they appear. I thought it was a good idea to start on the textures for the different objects within the fruit bowl. I started with the grapes, which used a misss material to create the simple, yet realistic look off the grapes. I spot light (with emit diffuse turned off) was placed behind the grapes so they illuminated the grapes and made them appear as if they glowed slightly like real grapes do.



With the rest of the objects in the scene, I exported them as obj files into mudbox and textured them one by one. There were some difficulties that prevented certain objects, such as the basket and grape stalk. These objects would not, for some reason, allow me to export them. I could not determine what the problem was and I feel that I had no choice but to used mia x materials to texture them. I am happy with all the materials within the scene, except the bananas. I feel that the bruises should be a bit darker. Also, the fruits are too reflective. This can easily be changed in the reflectivity of each of the materials.


Textures were then added to the tiles and bench to give the scene a more realistic look and appear more dynamic. The normal maps from mudbox were then placed on the fruits they were created for. The orange appears to be a bit too bumpy but I am running out of time to work on this assessment.


In the final stage, I setup my artificial light scene. This was simply done by creating a spotlight that was slightly yellow to give it a harsh tone to the scene. Global Illumination and Final Gathering were then added to give the light and reflection a realistic feel. Finally, depth of field was added to focus on certain objects within the scene. I am not overly pleased with the final look of the artificial light as the shadows appear to dark, but I am very pleased with the natural light scene. If I was to do this project again, I would work on the artificial scene more closely and make its shadows and highlights less intense than I had intended.









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