Critical Reflection – 3D Texturing


I am overly pleased with many of the textures I created in mudbox. Mainly the apple and pear as well as the bench and tiles. The look that these textures gave really brought the scene to life and gave the image a photorealistic appearance. The reflectivity off the bench and tiles gave the scene a beautiful feel that I am very happy with. That being said, there were some issues along the way.

First off, I am not one hundred percent happy with the colouring of the banana. The texturing was fine, but the bananas bruises appear too bright in the final image. This could have been fixed in the ambient occlusion map if I had a bit more time to work on it. “Ambient occlusion is a shading effect that calculates the attenuation and occlusion of light between surface details and other objects in the scene and then adds realistic shading to models”[1]. The normal map for the orange I believe was a bit too harsh and bumpy in the end. “Normal-Mapping is a technique used to light a 3D model with a low polygon count as if it were a more detailed model.”[2]. Due to lack of time, I could not go back and fix this.


Other objects within the scene, such as the basket, would not let me export them into mudbox as an obj file. This prevented the basket from being textured as required and a simple mia x material with a fractal map in the color and a noise map in the bump was placed onto the material. A similar issue rose with the stalk for the grapes and they were handled in a similar way to the basket.


Despite all these issues, I am very pleased with most of the textures created for this project. But if I had a bit more time to work on the project, I would work on some of the textures more closely to give them a far more realistic appearance.


[2] Object Space Normal Mapping with Skeletal Animation Tutorial, Josh Kreuzer, accessed 20/6/13, last modified 26/3/2006 <> 


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