Animation – Week 8


This weeks lesson was about the walk cycle in animation. There are three important characteristics to a walk. It is important to know them as they are what make a walk cycle natural. Firstly, the torso needs to oppose the legs and hips. Secondly, there needs to be up and down motion and finally, there needs to be balance in the character. There are five poses per step in a walk cycle. These are;

  • Contact Pose – It is the most fundamental pose of the walk as it is the extreme pose. It defines the attitude of the walk.
  • Down Pose –  shows the weight of the character and is the lowest point the character will reach.
  • Passing Pose –  is when one leg passes the other.
  • Up Pose – the highest point in the animation. The back foot pushes on the floor and lifts the body up.
  • Second Contact Pose – the final pose that completes the walk.

Centre of gravity is crucial. The weight needs to shift as the character moves. Speed needs to be consistent. Fluidity/flow need to be used otherwise the animation appears wrong. The hips sway and rotate the way the leg moves. There is also a shift in the hips that causes them to perform a slight figure of eight. When the leg moves forward, the hip rotates to support the back leg. The hip also rotates up and down to show when the leg moves up and down.


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