Animated Character Walk


After looking up some funny walks on youtube I decided to base my animated walk off a scene from the tv show, Scrubs.

The walk is childish as well as arrogant, making me feel that it would be a fun walk to attempt to recreate as an animation. The walk shows character and emotion especially in the way the arms are flailing around but also quite straight. The slight bobbing when the character walks also will be fun to animate as it will add a bit of goofiness to the animation. I drew up some quick thumbnails for the animation, attempting to establish the walk on paper.



To further improve on my sketches, I filmed myself doing the walk from both the side, front and back so I had a better view and idea of the stride I would be attempting to recreate as an animation.

I then drew up some more thumbnails to more accurately establish how the walk looks. There are five poses in a step. There are two contact poses (at the beginning and the end of the step), a down pose, passing pose, and a up pose. I made sure that I drew these clearly enough in my thumbnails so that it would be easier to transfer these ideas into an animation.

Walk thumbnail 3

Walk thumbnail 4


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