Study of Real World Surface Properties


Object 1. Banana


  • Colour; Mainly yellow. The colour of the bruises are a dark brown or black.
  • Diffuse; Light is mostly absorbed
  • Refraction; None
  • Specularity; There is a small amount of light being reflected off the banana
  • Gloss; There is some blurriness  occurring in the light sources reflection
  • Transparency;  None
  • Translucency; None
  • Reflectivity; Small amount of reflection of light
  • Surface; Smooth but dents and grooves where there are bruises 

Object 2. Orange



  • Colour; Orange
  • Diffuse; About two thirds of the light is absorbed
  • Refraction; None
  • Specularity; There is reflection
  • Gloss; There is some minor blurriness of the light
  • Transparency; None
  • Translucency; None
  • Reflectivity; About one third of the orange is reflecting the light
  • Surface; The object is covered in small bumps

Object 3. Apple



  • Colour; Mainly red with streaks of yellow and brown
  • Diffuse; Light is mainly absorbed
  • Refraction; None
  • Specularity; Small amount of reflection
  • Gloss; The light blurs slightly
  • Transparency; None 
  • Translucency; None
  • Reflectivity; A small amount of light is reflected off the surface
  • Surface; Smooth with only a few small bumps 

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