Critical Reflection


I am not overly satisfied with my work. I wished to have worked on it a bit more. I would have loved to have redefined the face and hands a bit better. I would have changed her boots so they’re not high heels anymore. My character’s high heels aren’t important to the character itself and will prove very difficult to animate. They may look good but they definitely won’t animate well.


I have had trouble locating triangles and n-gons as I keep forgetting the easy way to locate them and am foolishly not taking notes when I’m shown how. After all there are also rules that need to be followed in order for a model to be formed correctly. “Avoid triangles and n-gons (face with more than 4 edges) in organic modeling with polygons. Polygons must be coplanar. N-gons and triangles cannot be planar on curved surfaces and won’t deform properly (strange results) when the model moves”[1].


I wish I could have worked on the flow of the model a bit more, but there is only so much I can do with the time that I’m given to work on the assessment. I am glad that I changed my story for my character. I would never have done as much work as I did if I had stuck to my original story. I’m glad that I did patch modeling for the face, as “certain meshes are difficult to complete through box modeling alone”[2]. However, I am glad that my skill sets with modeling in 3D have greatly improved due to working on my character. My knowledge and understanding of the tools and shortcuts have proven to be very useful. I may not be overly happy with my work but at least I have improving overtime.


The teachers have been incredibly helpful and patient. They are the main reason for giving me a better understanding of the Maya software. I would not have gotten anywhere near as far as I did without their help.


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