Music and Sound


Music and sound are a very important part of filmmaking. The sound and music define the characteristics of the movie as well as determine the mood and atmosphere. This is especially adherent in Tron Legacy and the Pixar film, The Incredibles.


Tron Legacy’s music is a combination of Orchestral and Electro music and is utilised in order to accentuate the mood and feel of the film to classify it as a science fiction movie. However, the mixture of the two music genres allows the film to appear quite energetic as well as quite beautiful and emotional. The electronic duo, Daft Punk composed the music for the film.


The sound however, is an entirely different story. Many of the sound effects sound broken or choppy in order to create the effect of a broken/skipping CD. This helps with the mood of the film, indicating that the world is fragile and broken. An amazing moment in the film was the use of crowd effects in which a large crowd of people was recorded stomping and chanting. This was a very useful effect as it showed the grand scale of the world in which the protagonist has been sucked into.


This mood and feeling is very different from the film, The Incredibles. The music in the movie is completely orchestral. The heavy use of brass instruments gives it a heroic feel and empowerment. The music can at times appear dark and grim, but that is used to emphasise the villains of the film and is only used sparingly. Much of the film is dominated by heroic, if not, super music.


The sound within the film is quite cartoony compared to the music. This is because of the nature of Pixar films as it is aimed at families and not specifically adults. The sounds add the humour and delight of the film and sound dangerous and threatening at dark times of the film.


It is through Tron Legacy and The Incredibles that we see how music and sound are used to affect the mood and atmosphere of film.


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