Film Form


Form plays a very important part in the structure of film as it allows the story to be told in a very specific way that enables the audience to be immersed in its narrative. Whether it be filmed as a linear story, non-linear story or even some other format of story telling, the film form us used in a specific way to engage its audience. Specific styles of film form can be seen in the Godfather Part II, District 9 and The Hurricane.


The Godfather Part II has an interesting film form as it jumps between two stories. It follows two generations of the Corleone family allowing for more intrigue and intensity. One half of the story follows the rise of Don Vito in his younger years while the second half follows Michael as the new Don as he expands his family’s empire. This allows the audience to empathise with the Corleone family in more ways then one.


District 9’s clever use of documentary form in film allows a new approach to storytelling. The use of interviewees allows for more character development and gives us more of a character description for the protagonist than just a straightforward linear story would. It is only towards the end that the format of the narrative begins to change and the audience receives more of an action than a documentary style tale.


The final film, The Hurricane uses non-linear storytelling to advance through its narrative to speculate its viewers. The story jumps back and forth through various timelines creating a sort of suspense to the film that leaves the audience on the edge of the seat. The other positive use of the non-linear format allows us to see the character development of the different protagonists at different stages of the film, whether it is early on or towards the end.


It is through these three films that we see that film form is used in several different ways for several different uses in order to intrigue and captivate the audience.


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